Our Goal






To build an Equestrian Center somewhere in KY for families to enjoy their time together, but also offer riding, rooms to play wheelchair basketball, bocca, dancing in wheelchair and music therapy, taking a walk outside to look at the horses, having a picnic, just offer a peaceful brake from the everyday life.



We want to put up a climbing wall, for the people that really want to challange them selves, to become the best they can be, no matter what disability they might have.



We offer horses from the greates warmblood lines in Europe, and we offer horses from all ages. Buying a horse from us will help other people in need, to enjoy their life to the fullest.



This center is a dream rise from the daily work with horses, the peace we know they can bring and the help they have given us trough hard times.



The daily operation of the center will be run by a non profit organisation, and open to everybody.



Our model is built on Beitostølen Helsesport Senter in Norway. A place where people can come and get training and rehabilitation after accidents or being born with any type of disability.


We have seen so many veterans, kids and families in need of a place where they can enjoy their time together, but also getting a challange they can overcome with the right help and support.



Horses and horsebackriding will be offered as a muscle stimulation, since 462 muscles in the riders body is contracting when the horse is walking.


We have seen people that should never be able to stand up from their wheelchair being able to do so, because of muscle memories. So we wanna use the horse for training and also the therapy it is to just be around this magnificent animals. We also wanna offer other types of sports that disabled can do togheter with their families, and enjoy their time together in a peaceful, safe enviroment.


There is no dis in Ability